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celeb_encounter's Journal

Celebrity Encounters
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This community is a branch from ohnotheydidnt. This is a place to post about your celeb encounter(s). Feel free to post pictures, autographs or even just a story. Please read all rules prior to joining. If you have any problems please feel free to contact the moderator.

-Personal attacks against other members will get you banned
-Racism and other forms of discrimination will also get you banned
-Trolls will be banned.
-You must name the celebs in the subject line of your post/
When posting

Ideas when posting:
Don’t know what to write? Try these prompts!

-What was the celebrity like in person? Were they taller? Shorter? More attractive? Less attractive? Skinnier? Larger? Nice & sweet? Cold & bitchy? Wearing a lot of make-up?

-How did they react to other fans? Did they seem normal of did they have a ‘celebrity aura’? Did they have a tattoo or marking you’ve never noticed before? Did they have a more prominent feature [eyes, nose, etc] when you saw them in person?

-What were they doing? Shopping? Eating? If so, what did they buy?

-What were they wearing? Was it fancy, simple, or something you’d never even
expect they would wear?

-Did you get an autograph? Hug? Hi-5? Any witty comments/ jokes? What did
you say to them? What did they say back?

-Where did you encounter them? How hard was it for you to meet them? Are you
a huge fan, or you only know of them?

-What advice do you have for others who would like to meet the same person?
Will this be a day you’ll always remember?

But most of all, have fun posting and enjoy the community!

If you would like to become a sister community please contact whats_a_grl_2do