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I live in L.A. and see celebs all the time. I'll also just list them since each one was a sighting and I didn't engage in conversation with most of them - only a couple.
Barry Williams - walking down 3rd Street in Santa Monica
Kathy Smith - shopping at Whole Foods
Tim Robbins - pulled up next to me in Santa Monica. Gave me a great grin.
Dr. Rey's wife - putting stuff in the trunk of her car. MUCH thinner in person than on TV (and that's saying alot)
The lady who played Ross and Monica's mom on Friends. Stood next to me at the counter of a tile and stoneyard in Santa Monica ordering tile.
Linda Thompson - Elvis's ex-girlfriend at a Greek restaurant in Malibu.
Don Diamont (Brad on Young and the Restless) Whole Foods near The Grove and CBS. Tall,incredibly handsome in person, smelled GREAT and had the best skin I have ever seen on a man.
Julie Brown - the one from Earthgirls Are Easy, not the Downtown one. Starbucks in Culver City.
Dick Van Patton - getting gas in Burbank.
Rachel Hunter - Anthropologie in El Segundo. Very tall and rather plain in person.
M. Emmet Walsh - great character actor. Near Post Office in Culver City.
Jay Leno - drove past me on Sunland Blvd. in Sunland in an old but mint condition jalopy.
Bill Macy - Maude's husband on the show. Armstrong Nursery in Burbank.
Harold Ramis - in line in front of me at Starbucks, Culver City.
Demi Moore - HB Buttercup in Culver City shopping for a bed. Looked great in person but much smaller than I thought she would be.
Britney Spears - drove past me in a white Mercedes in Beverly Hills. I saw her often as she lived in the same neighborhood as I worked in.
Melody Thomas Scott - Nikki on the Young and the Restless. I designed her gardens at her home and tended them for about 6 months. Very pretty in person. Small and petite and she has freckles. Britney lived a few streets over and would often drive around the neighborhood randomly since she couldn't go outside the gates because of all the paps.
Tracy Bregman - Lauren on the Young and the Restless. She was in line in front of me at Whole Foods.

If you like CBS stars, then the Whole Foods near the Grove is the place to shop. I can only think of a couple of times that i haven't seen someone there. I generally recognize a face every time. There are a few more that I have seen but I just can't remember their names or know what show they're on.
I live a block or so from the Starbucks in Culver on Washington and Culver Blvd.s and see people there pretty frequently, too. Oh - that reminds me. I've seen Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Alba in or around that Starbucks.
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celeb encounters

i'm lazy so i'm just gonna list people i've met. some i just saw in passing, some i've actually partied with etc. if you want details, just ask. i had the most uh.. colorful encounters with the first 3, by far.

ed westwick aka CHUCK BASS
paul banks (interpol)
jeff mangum (neutral milk hotel)
lindsay lohan
samantha ronson
ben barnes
franz ferdinand
zachary quinto (sylar)

i always see random celebs at home during TIFF and when i'm in NYC.

also, i have met michael cera, several times lol. we went to the same elementary school. aaand i'm friends with trevor moore from the whitest kids u know.
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Hayden Panettiere, Aubrey O'Day, Emmy Rossum

Hi guys, I just switched from myspace and one of my friends suggested I should post this here.

One day, I was happily busying myself getting pampered at the spa (or waiting, not so patiently). In walks Hayden Panettiere, who's about the size of a skinny leprechaun (I didn't expect her to be big to begin with, but she's even tinier than I anticipated). At first she seemed quite withdrawn. She came alive when a disabled fan approached her, and took the time to talk to her before going for her treatment. I was impressed, particularly because she politely made the staff wait a minute. Probably not so impressive to the staff, but hey! I didn't wanna push my luck so I didn't try saying more than a few words and exchanging a smile with her myself.

I've attended quite a few events this past few years mostly because of who I'm dating (sugar daddy, whoo! - just kidding). Mostly I keep to myself and my friends. A few encounters stood out. One is with Emmy Rossum. The first time I saw her I had no clue who she was. I came across her and she complimented me on my dress, then we talked briefly, I even got a hug goodbye. She was so down to earth that I had no clue she was one of the celebrity attendees - kind of embarassing for me to find out afterwards, heh heh, but she didn't act like I should know who she was. I've met her a couple of times since then and she's been equally sweet and funny afterwards. My friend's little boy loves her. Btw, that Aubrey O'Day/Emmy Rossum item in the NY Post? Didn't happen, or at least, not like they told it. Hyperbole, I tell you. FYI though, Aubrey is no angel and not a pleasant person to talk to in my experience (in fact is a large part of the reason why I avoid celebs at the events and just go to hang out with my friends while wearing gorgeous dresses). There is a reason poor Aundrea barely speaks to her anymore.
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John Cusack & Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez

We were all having lunch in Malibu at Coogie's Beach Cafe and
we were waiting for a free table... outside we recognized an actor,
who we instantly recognize as one of the hitmen in Grosse Point
Blank.. who happens to be Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez

THEN a man in black walked passed me and went straight to the guy
(assassin) smiled, and gave him a hug... and it was JOHN CUSACK!!!!
he is v. tall in person and looks totally like he does in film...
he was wearing a black tshirt, black blazer, w/dark jeans and
while he ate he had his black sunglasses propped up on his forehead.

we instantly got seated, and everyone in the restaurant was playing
it cool and stuff... and we thought it was best to leave them
alone as they were eating... but i had a great view of him..
and he was smiling throughout the meal...w/his crinkly crowsfeet...
so cute.

when he got up and left w/the other guy, everyone totally
looked up and followed him/them out the door..

when we got back we looked them both up and apparently
the eastern european assassin is also John's trainer/
friend/karate/fighter expert, who choreographs fight
scenes in movies.

anyway just wanted to share, we've unofficially
dubbed today, Sept. 13th as John Cusack Day, and
we ended up watching Better Off Dead and Grosse
Point Blank that evening.
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Mindy Kaling

I was in Hollywood having sushi at The Grove with friends today and after eating we decided to walk around adn explore. We wound up in Victoria's Secret and I was in line to pay of my lipgloss.

I looked behind me and there was Mindy Kaling! For those who don't know her she plays Kelly Kapoor in The Office which is one of my favorite shows. I really wanted to make sure it was her before approaching since she looked a bit different. I finally went up and asked, "Excuse me but are you Kelly from The Office?" She nodded and we shooke hands as I introduced myself and I ended up asking for a picture. She was very sweet. I used my camera phone so the picture is a bit weird from the angle and I swear I'm not this ugly but who cares, lol! I'm just so happy I got the chance to meet her!!

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Criss Angel

Last week I was in Las Vegas and had just come from taking a tour when I spotted Criss and his family! My mom and I got to talk to Criss's brother but not to Criss. I did ask his brother if Criss would mind taking a photo with me but he said Criss was in a hurry since his computer wasn't working and he wanted to try and fix it. His brother was EXTREMELY nice and thanked us for being fans of the show. I did however get a chance to take a quick picture of Criss while he was going into the Luxor. Here it is:

Criss Angel
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Alan Rickman/Bill Pullman meeting

Yay for today! I went to a screening for Bottle Shock and got to meet the lovely Alan Rickman and Bill Pullman. They were both so very nice and stayed around for quite a bit of time talking to people after their Q&A was over. I never really have anything to "talk" with actors about, so I just went up to Rickman and told him I was a big fan and that the movie was great and shook his hand. I felt a little stupid during this time though, because Bill stood right next to him, and me not knowing anything to say, said the exact same thing to him. I saw Alan look at me when I said it to Bill (and sort of felt like maybe he thought I was being insincere because of saying the exact same thing) and so when I saw them both looking at me I told them I'd been following both of them for a long time and was a really big fan, and thanked them for coming to the screening. Alan smiled and said "Oh, well keep the faith!" ... I was just kind of like "um, ok!" and gave a thumbs up, which he laughed at cooly. It was a nice moment and they were both very nice. Wish I had more to say to them, but I didn't really want to take up their time.

Unfortunately at these screenings I go to you're not allowed to take pics or ask for autographs (and I would never ask for an autograph anyway because I think that's pretty lame) so I have nothing to show you guys, but knowing there's a lot of Rickman fans on ONTD, just wanted to share.

And he looked GOOD. These newer pics of him don't do him justice at all. He looked very handsome and debonair. White shirt, grey blazer, jeans, brown shoes. For an older man, he was looking pretty HOT. :)
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A couple weeks ago, I was in New York to see my "big brother" (who's my former dance teacher but I consider him my big brother) go on as Bert in Mary Poppins , as Gavin Lee was on vacation. The first day we got there, I went out to wander around Times Square while my mom rested at the hotel. I was wandering down one of the side streets and saw trucks and people packing up metal barriers, loud speakers etc. People were standing around and leaning against the barriers. I thought "I'll have a nosey, I wonder if one of the Law & Orders is filming!" I figured why not go and look, as I absolutely love the Law & Order series, especially SVU.

I crossed the street and asked what was going on. "Steven Tyler's here!" Turns out that Aerosmith was at the Hardrock Cafe, promoting their Guitar Hero game. So I got my camera out and thought "Okay, I'll ask him for a photo and be on my way." At this point, I didn't know the entire band was there.

Steven is quite short (I'm 5'4, and I think he's about an inch taller than I am). He came out, signed three autographs and got straight into his limo.

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