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So like, I've been a big big fan of her since like...2004 ever since I saw her on FHM and I know this is way late but I met her last year in November, just 2 weeks after my birthday. Basically my friend who works at the local cinema (which is only 5 minutes drive away from my house) facebooked and said that he just served Cheryl and Ashley at the cinema and gave them the 3D glasses. I thought he was kidding but he actually wasn't and I was like hmmm should I go and try and see her.

So I was like, ok either I go there and try and see if I get to meet her or I sit at home and regret not going later, I mean theres nothing to lose right? So I actually took a bus there and waited around 40 mins or so then I saw people coming out of their screening and I didn't see any signs of Cheryl then I was like aaaaaah. But like seconds later I saw some huge black guy coming downstairs from another exit then I saw those 7 inch killer heels and there was Cheryl, followed by Ashley Cole and i was like HOLY SHIT FUCK SHIT SHIT SHIT. I was asking my friend earlier if he would go ask for a photo cos I'd be too nervous, but turns out I was the first one who dashed towards Cheryl. I asked her if I could have a photo and she said "yea sure".

I can't believe that the one photo I got with her I look like shit. I was in the middle of telling the guy how to use my camera, then who I was talking and moved away from Cheryl, he clicked the shutter button. I had my hand on Cheryl's back originally but I moved -_- but yea I was shaking so much and i was like "sorry im shaking" and Cheryl said "aaw it's alright" in her hot as accent. I wish I asked for a photo on my own with her but oh well at least I met her and got a pic. She stuck around for 5-10 minutes to chat to people and taking photos then she left with Ashley (who noone gave a fuck about actually lol)

I'm the guy on the right :D (horrible I know)


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