Heather (sacred_darling) wrote in celeb_encounter,

Christian Siriano

I met Christian at Saks in NYC while on vacation during Fashion's Night Out

Fashion's Night out was such a blast!!! I started off my day by going to Macy's. I bought a Fashion's Night Out t-shirt that all the big celebs were wearing that night. We spent the whole night at Saks. We arrived at Saks at 6:30 so Cece could meet Justin Timberlake who was supposed to arrive at 7. As we got to the fifth floor we were informed that you had to spend $200 on the William Rast brand in order to be allowed into the exclusive William Rast launch party. Jereme said, I don't care what it takes, I'm getting you in, so he bought her a $216 pair of jeans to get her in. We waited in line with her for about an hour before they were allowed in. Justin was late. When he finally did arrive, he got on the mic with Trace Ayala and said thanks for coming out and supporting our line. Then they left. Tragic dissappointment ensued as fans who shelled out the big bucks were left to sip free drinks and snack on fabulously fatty mini burgers. As soon as the security gaurds turned their huge backs we (Jereme and I) snuck into the exclusive party. At 9:30 all three of us headed down to floor three where we were among the first ten people in line for a meet and greet with His Fierceness himself... Christian Siriano! It was the highlight of the whole trip! He was so incredibly nice and tiny! He took pictures with everyone in line, and it was a huge line!!! I asked him if he ws having fun tonight and he said "oh yeah, tons of fun!". After that we took the escalators up and down the differnt levels of this magical store trying to find more celebs. Kenly Collins and Daniel Feld were on the escalators behind me and I tried my hardest not to hyperventalate in excitement. We took a long time to get out and Saks was closing at 11. We ended up getting locked in! We were on the bottom floor and out the first set of doors when we tried to get through there was a bunch of security gaurds. Then Jereme poked me on the shoulder and pointed to this short person infront of me. It was Christian! We got locked in between the doors at Saks with Christian and all I could say was "HEY". Jereme asked if he could sign something for me, All I had was a program. And he was about to when security was pushing him past us and he looked back and said sorry I can't. He seem genuinely sorry about it too. Then we were pushed out the second set of doors and onto a cold, dark and rainy NYC street with the rest of the peons. What a magical night.



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