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Meeting Pieter van den Hoogenband

I used to have a classmate named Koen, and he is the cousin of the famous Dutch swimmer Pieter van den Hoogenband. We used to watch his important matches on the tv at school!

Fast forward a couple of years later. We went swimming in Eindhoven, where the training home of Pieter van den Hoogenband is. We went snorkeling and afterwards we saw Pieter van den Hoogenband standing there. We asked him for autographs but I didn't have anything with me so I went to get a piece of paper. I told him his cousin used to be my classmate and he was surprised. I'm at school now, a scan is coming later.


My family is a big Steve Harley fan. We saw him once before in concert but didn't get to meet. Then we went to Ghent in Belgium for a sort of private concert with John Watts (Fischer-Z), a Cuban group and Steve Harley. There weren't a lot of people so we got to sit close to the stage. When Steve Harley came to the stage with his band we enjoyed his music. And at the end we all went to stand in front of the stage (remember this was a very small concert). Steve gave his guitar pick to someone but my mother kissed the guy and got the guitar pick. Afterwards John Watts and his wive walked past us but they were busy carrying their instruments.

We got something to drink afterwards when I went back into the concert room and saw Steve his guitarist, I asked the security guy if I could go in and he gave permission. I told him about my last concert experience, when it snowed really bad. I also told him that we got Steve's guitar pick when he held my arm and gave me his guitar pick! He was very nice!

Back in the entrance room we waited for the band to come and we took a picture of me, my brother and the band. Steve didn't come out but that didn't matter because I saw him up close =)



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