the anti-climactic journal (bandgeekmafia) wrote in celeb_encounter,
the anti-climactic journal

celebrity sighting at rfc

Worked Friday night and my co-worker Liz served Diane Keaton.
My crew supervisor recognized her immediately and gave her a " tour " of the restaurant ( as we do with all guests )
Afterwards she puts her hand on his shoulder and said " You're fabulous ! "
He smilled and giggled like a little schoolgirl then ran off to tell everyone, hahaha.

My friend Liz ( who served them ) got $40 off of $110 bill.
She said Diane was really nice and low key. She was wearing her signature glasses, hat, and glove combo.

Hopefully in the next coming weeks we should have some celebrities coming in for Disneyland for X-mas, so I am keeping my eyes open for you all.
Also for the record I can't bust out a " I <3 ONTD " signs since we are at work and I don't want to get fired.

Happy Holidays!

This post is dedicated to my friend/co-worker Aaron who passed away last week.

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