July 11th, 2012

Snow Patrol, Freddy Rodriguez

I was very lucky this past March to win free concert tickets and meet/greet passes to see Snow Patrol. I won the tickets through a radio station and I could not believe my luck! Seriously, Snow Patrol is one of my favorite bands. Anyway, so about two hours before the show, my best friend and I go backstage where the band plays two songs for us and about 10 other fans! They played "Chocolate" and "Chasing Cars." Afterwards, the band comes off of the stage and begins the meet and greet. As soon as it's my turn to meet Gary Lightbody I started to shake and smile crazily. I shook Gary's hand and then put my arm around his tiny waist and said to him"Can you do me a favor and play 'You're all I have?" He smiled and looked down at me (he's like 6'4 and I'm 5'3) and said "Of course, darling." I about died right there. I have the pics somewhere on my computer, I'll post them later!

Also, weirdly enough, I saw Freddy Rodriguez jogging along the historic district of Savannah, Ga on Sunday night. I was on a Ghost Trolley Tour when I look out the window to see Freddy jogging. I began to squeal and freak out because he was on my fav show of all time, Six Feet Under. I honesly didn't believe it was him until I went back to hotel and looked up on IMDB that he was in Savannah filming a new movie, "CBGB." We also heard that Rupert Grint and Alan Rickman were in town but I didn't see them!
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